You use the mouse or your finger(on touch supported devices) to drag the b-baller around the screen and avoid the projectiles. The b-baller periodically shoots basketballs which deal damage to the Dark Fouler they do NOT destroy the projectiles. After about 20 hits the Dark Fouler will be defeated. You cannot get hit or else it's game over so you must be very careful.

NOTE: Make sure to play in full screen.


You are a b-baller in space with the mission of defeating the Dark Fouler which has the intent of dunking the whole cosmos into the abyss. You must use your power of slams and jams and defeat the Dark Fouler before the endgame arrives. Make sure to dodge the sonic foul booms and keep throwing basketballs at the Dark Fouler. Are you a true b-baller? Can you take it into overtime?

A game that was created using the Construct 2 engine. It was a small game I made for the Windows 8 App Challenge.